Expressive Abstract Art

Art infused with energy and emotion

Hi I'm Amanda

At the age of eleven I moved away from home to train, full-time, as a professional dancer. Hence much of my life was spent learning to express emotion without words.

Nowadays, my art is an extension of this.

I am fascinated by the energy, expression and emotion, whether that's slow, quiet moments just asking to be savoured, or uplifting, joyous moments that light us up inside.

A mum of two boys, I returned to art later in life after many years of building my own businesses.

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  • Thanks again for this lovely piece! Your work is wonderful in more than just an aesthetic sense - it gives me a sense of calm and belonging but also strength and pride. I'm really excited to have it in my home!


  • I love it!!! It makes me so happy every time I walk into the living room and see it. The colours are so uplifting. Could not be happier.


  • We love it!! Everyone comments on it as soon as they come into the living room. The way you pulled all the elements of the room together with this painting is just amazing. Thank you so much.


Emotion = Energy in Motion

Inspired by the transient nature of life, capturing the essence and emotion of a moment, like a snapshot in time, before it disappears.

I seek to create uplifting pieces that strike a balance between loose expression and technical rigour.