The First Steps Into Your New Creative Business

Have you noticed when you scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed, there are thousands of inspirational quotes, guiding and helping you to pursue your dreams?

Often a dream of being an entrepreneur and running your own business can be dogged with thoughts of self doubt or lack of confidence, or even the belief that it might not pay you what you need in order to meet your financial commitments. Nearly everybody I chat to share the same thoughts.

Have you had moments where you have questioned whether you have what it takes to grow a successful business? Or made a decision to move forward, to then talk yourself out of it a few hours later?  If this sounds like you, I promise we have all thought the same things and pushed ahead regardless.

Creating your own business is one of the most rewarding experiences, it enables you to express your true self through your work, no matter if this is a service that you will provide or a product you will create.

As an artist, there is a huge stigma around the concept of the “starving artist.” Once upon a time, this may well have been the case. However we now live in a world of instant gratification and have the ability to share our work and inspire 1000’s of people across the globe, through our computers.

Meeting financial commitments every month can place a heavy burden and whilst this is extremely important (we will chat about laying down solid foundations in another blog post) it is important to also realise, that you have everything you need inside of you to succeed.

The ability to create a business, which places your art and creativity at its heart has never been more possible. Artists are using their platforms to sell bespoke prints, secure commissions which pay them their true worth and create products using on demand printing, offering customers something truly unique.

Take a moment to stand still and think about what inspires you. Is there a friend or somebody you follow online who you admire? Is there a business you buy from which brings you great joy? If you listen a little closer, you will spot the common themes which resonate with your purpose.

Business should always come from the heart, when it does you will fly over hurdles, acknowledge your accomplishments and face challenges with such positivity, you know you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

A vision of a new business can follow us around for a long time, often suppressed by the lack of confidence we have in ourselves or by the beliefs instilled by others. Have you discussed an idea with a family member who might agree and nod as you chat through, to only have them turn around at the end and dampen your excitement with something negative?

Not everybody will agree with your choice of career and thats ok. Those closest to you will want to protect you and in doing so will shift their concerns onto you, sometimes convincing you that you may not have the right skills to forge ahead with your vision. That is also ok 🙂 A world where we are surrounded by the people who love and care for us, believing they have our best interests at heart, will always create a better world to live in.

The stories you tell yourself are THE most important stories to tell. What you believe you are capable of, will translate into what you set yourself to do everyday. Lean in and listen to your heart, what does it tell you ..

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