How I received 7 commissions in just 10 days…

Have you every had the feeling that the universe is trying to tell you something? Yes me too.

For the past few years I’ve been working on the wrong (side) business, for the wrong reasons. See, I love business and my brain is often flooded with ideas. But this particular idea was driven from what I ‘thought’ I SHOULD do, not what was lighting me up from the inside.

It was a good idea, don’t get me wrong, and the financial potential was enormous. But would it make me happy? Not really. It would make me financially secure but it wouldn’t address the burning desire that had been inside me for many years, which was to make a living from my art.

But you know how it is….you listen to other people’s opinion ‘it’s difficult to make a living from painting’ or ‘do you really want to be a starving artist?’

The answer was ‘no, of course I don’t’ but instead of standing my ground and proving the nay-sayers wrong, I conformed and squashed my heart-felt desires down a little deeper.

Thinking it was the right thing to do, I continued to build a business around this idea (not relating to my passion which is art). I worked day and night for 18 months but whilst I was busy scurrying away on this idea, something strange was happening and it was like the universe was trying to tell me something.

Whilst I was busy creating content, social media posts and online course material for this business idea, my art pages were increasingly attracting lots of interest despite me not doing anything with them, whereas the business I was focussing all my attention and efforts on, was just creeping along slowly.

As luck would have it (though trust me I didn’t see it this way at the time), when the time came to finally launch this business, fate stepped in and caused an almighty technical glitch that meant the launch got off to a flying start and then suddenly crashed.

I was so utterly devastated that all my hard work had come crashing down that I sat in my car, overlooking the cliff edge in Hayle, Cornwall, sobbing my heart out. I was utterly exhausted. I’d worked so hard so I was confused…how could this happen to me? But life works in mysterious ways.

At rock bottom, I knew the only way to recover emotionally and physically was to paint. And so I began. I painted everything I saw, sketched, doodled, and painted some more.

I then posted some of my art work on Facebook and Instagram and introduced my friends and contacts to my work.

The response was overwhelming.

Along with the most uplifting comments, came a commission request. Then another, And another. Within 10 days I had 7 commission requests and I thought my heart would literally burst.

Out of all this trauma, heartache, blood, sweat and tears……came my dream in the most unexpected way. Not from following the money, but from following my heart and my gut.

So now, to all those people who think it’s not possible to make a career out of art – it is!

And to all those who are in an unfulfilling job, yet yearn to do something more creative. Make space in your life and do it! Am I saying quit your job? Heck no, but make a start today. Build your website, create your offering, scratch that itch because trust me, if you’re called to do something, that calling doesn’t go away. It doesn’t get buried and stay quiet, it keeps rising up to the surface, louder and ballsier than before……until you listen and TAKE ACTION!


With love and gratitude



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