Artist for commission - Amanda Heath

My story

Hi! I’m Amanda.


I am, and always have been an artist, though at times I just didn’t recognise it.


From a young age my favourite hobby was sketching and painting.  I enjoyed periods of solitude where I could get lost in my own imagination and create things.


I have always been fascinated with the human form and my first ever sketch (that I remember being incredibly proud of!) was an image of Cinderella’s face, which, when you turned it upside down, turned into the ugly sister. I was 8….

Painting helps recharge my batteries, creating makes me feel alive and connected and I love it for the process.  It’s meditative and therapeutic, like someone pressed pause on the world.


At the age of eleven, I went away to boarding school to train as a professional dancer and whilst there took the opportunity to sketch and paint bodies and movement as we rehearsed.


Like many others, I then stopped painting under the illusion that it was difficult to make a living from art.


Fast forward a few years and I did an MSc in Business, going on to create two successful six figure businesses, however neither were in line with my true purpose and whilst I enjoyed them immensely I always felt a sense of emptiness.


After a period of severe burn-out in one of those businesses, I took nine months off and decided to get well again by going back to being creative and painting. This was the best decision I could have made as it made me evaluate the direction of my life, what I love and then decide exactly how I wanted to design my future.


Since then I have set about making sure art is a major part of each day.


With each painting I complete, my love for my new creative, fulfilling life grows.  I could never grow tired of doing this as every day brings it’s own surprises.


Painting is my passion and I’m honoured to be able to share my work with you.


With love and gratitude



My Process

Inspiration for a painting (or series) can come in many forms.  It might be a particular emotion or thought, a particular texture or colour that I’ve spotted whilst out on a walk, the folds or muscles on a person’s body, or something as simple as a striking colour combination in a magazine.


I then process the inspiration and begin to capture the essence of it in my sketch book, so that when I return to the studio I have a visual record.


When I’ve explored the subject in a series of sketches, I then begin to paint.


Most of my pieces start with a first layer background, simply to get rid of the daunting white space.  From there I continue to add background layers, often without an end goal in mind, just intuitively making marks, adding and subtracting elements.


Sometimes a figure or face emerges and I continue to work until it’s just the right amount of abstract and realism.


I have learned that each painting goes through an ‘ugly’ stage where I get hugely frustrated and fall out of love with it.  Then once I let go of any expectations and loosen up (under the illusion that it hasn’t worked so I have nothing to lose by experimenting), something beautiful happens, the painting comes together and the love returns.


amanda and max image